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Some tips for those who are gonna travel to Pattaya and Bangkok

Advices for tourists before visiting Pattaya and Bangkok (Thailand)

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Alexander Shkudun is on the line. In this article I will give a few recommendations to all who are planning to spend their holidays/vacation in Thailand. Since Pattaya and Bangkok are the most popular destinations to visit in Thai, we’ll talk about them.

As soon as this article is designed for English speaking audience, I'm sorry for my not academical English. 

Let's start!

My wife and I were visited the Kingdom of Thailand (in particular, Pattaya and Bangkok) in 2010. Of course, I understand that during this time in Thailand could have changed a lot things, however, I don’t think that cardinally. Therefore, I am sure that the below mentioned information will be useful.


Where to stay in Pattaya

1. Do not stay in five star hotels. It is absolutely useless in Pattaya! Because you will come to the room just to sleep. Personally, we got up at 6 am, and returned to the room only by 12 at night. Believe me, you will not want to sit in the room, because Thailand is a completely different world. Fairy-tale and unique.

2. As for the hotel in Pattaya, we stayed at the 3-star Island View Hotel. The place is nice and peaceful. The breakfasts there were unmatched!

Where to swim in Pattaya

1. Do not swim in Pattaya in the sea. It is quite dirty. You better should go swimming to the islands. And so the next tip is…

2. Choose a hotel or apartment closer to the port. There you will take a boat and go swimming to the paradise islands, such as Koh Larn (nearest) or Koh Si Chang. Perhaps I will talk about them more detail in separate articles.

Where to eat cheaply in Pattaya

1. I recommend you to visit some small cafes.

2. Do not visit expensive restaurants. The fact is that in Pattaya, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, even in small cafes and other establishments feed incredibly tasty! For example, in Pattaya we ate at “U Misha’s” cafe near the hotel. And we still remember his soup Tom Yang. It was amazing!

3. Be sure to try Tom Yang soup (soup with coconut milk with shrimps), fried pancakes with banana, pineapples (here are the most delicious pineapples in the World!) And other exotic fruits (for example, rambutan, durian, dragon fruit, mangosteen, lychee) about which you do not know in our country.

4. Also take a look at Sakishi Buffet in the Royal Garden Plaza shopping center and feel like a real chief-cook. In Buffet you can prepare your own lunch from the ingredients that will pass on the conveyor. You sit and eat!

The Buffet professes the principle: pay once (there is an hourly payment) and eat as much as you like.

5. Visit the Pattaya night market. There you can eat and buy something at absolutely ridiculous prices.

6. Taste cocktails from the Volkswagen cocktail-bar.

7. You can try different grasshoppers (tastes like chicken), cockroaches and other creeping reptiles. It would be a new experience for you. And there will be something to tell friends. However, after visiting the Pattaya - they will be no lack of information. Just trust me.

What to see and what to do in Pattaya

1. Visit the statue of Buddha.

2. Go for a Thai massage (normal, not erotic, which makes strong Thai women).

3. Take a walk along the embankment of Pattaya.

4. Visit the famous show "Alcazar", where the actress - just a sight for sore eyes, but all of them are transvestites.

5. Rent a bike and ride through the area. Getting around on a bike is much cheaper than on a tuk-tuk (local transport, looks like a small version of our minibus).

6. Visit the Mini-Siam Park, where you will see several wonders of the world and other world attractions in miniature.

7. Be sure to take a walk on Walking Street. This is the main street of depravity fun.

8. Be sure to visit the X-show (to expand the horizons). It takes place in various "underground" institutions. Invitations there are distributed by promoters on "Walking Street". The X-show is something that you will not see anywhere else. During this show Thai (mostly) ladies are demonstrating the strength of the muscles of theirs vagina (take out blades, bottles, other objects and animals, throw darts, inflate balls, etc.). Thai guys playing drums with their Willies and do other equally shocking things.

9. If you are a single man – just rent Thai girl on vacation. For 200 USD per month (at present, maybe, more expensive), she will show you not only the art of making love, but also will take you to various establishments, prices in which will delight you incredibly. She will wash, clean, blow away dust from you and gently purr in the ear. She will be an excellent guide for you, introduce you to her parents, and if you make her a child, she will be in the seventh heaven with happiness. To had a baby from a white man for Thai lady is the same as to conquer Everest for a traveler.

What excursions you should go on from Pattaya

1. Go to the River Kwai (overnight in floating houses)

2. Take a trip to Nong Nouch

3. Visit the Park of thousands of years old stones and a crocodile farm (this is one tour).


Where to stay in Bangkok

1. In Bangkok, you can choose a hotel more expensive, because here you will really have a rest (especially if you come to Bangkok after Pattaya).

We stayed at a 4star hotel, Bangkok Palace, next to Baiyoke Sky. The hotel has a very good location (located in the center). It was a nice place for a good price.

2. You can also stay in the apartment.

Where to swim in Bangkok

Under the shower or in the hotel pool. The city is far from the sea. However, if you will spend 12 days in Pattaya, and then three days in Bangkok, you don’t remember about the sea.

Where to eat cheaply and get drunk in Bangkok

1. There are a lot of small cafes in Bangkok (as in Pattaya). I recommend to eat there.

2. I also strongly recommend to take dinner tickets to the restaurant, which is located on the 75th floor of Baiyoke Sky. You pay once (we gave $50 for two persons in 2010) and eat as much as you want, right up to the closing of the restaurant.

Moreover, the dinner there is organized in a buffet format. And this is really blowout meal! In addition to the usual food shrimp and crabs are also served.

3. You know I adore the places that offer a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. There are such places in Bangkok too!

If you are in the city, you should definitely drink a couple of cocktails in the following places:

1) Sky Bar on the 63 floor of the hotel Lebua, where they filmed “The Hangover Part II”: From Vegas to Bangkok";

2) Roof Top Bar on the 83rd floor of the Baiyoke Sky Tower;

3) Moon Bar on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel.

What to see and what to do in Bangkok

1. Be sure to visit the Royal Palace (Grand Palace, Royal Palace).

2. Visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew. Located next to the Royal Palace.

3. Visit the highest building in Bangkok - Baiyoke Sky. Climb to the observation platform. As I have mentioned earlier, you can eat in the restaurant on the 75th floor with a beautiful view of the city.

4. Visit the Wat Saket Temple (“Golden Mountain”). The place is quite pretty. I recommend to visit it in the morning.

5. Visit the Temple of the Morning Dawn (Wat Arun). Climb to the pagoda and take Bangkok from a bird's-eye view. Next to Wat Arun is Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha).

6. Ride a boat along the Bangkok Klong Channels. It would be a very exciting journey. The guide tells a lot about traditions, and clearly demonstrates the life of the Thais.

7. Visit Khao San Road. There are noisy and fun like on the Walking Street in Pattaya.

8. For shopping, you can visit the Siam Paragon shopping center (there is also a good aquarium), as well as Central World (here the prices are cheaper that in Siam).

You can find the souvenirs, clothes for a good price on the streets of Khaosan and Rambuttri (on weekdays) as soon as on the huge Chatuchak market (on weekends).

Finally, and most importantly, I recommend to go to Thailand for at least of 15 days.

12 days you can spend in Pattaya and 3 days in Bangkok.

Hope this information are useful for you.

Have a nice journey!


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